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About The Healthier Healthcare Galleries

Virtual Events are the future, we all know it. Navigating the Pandemic has as also altered the HCP provider mindset. Because the provider has now experienced digital care, they recognize the efficiency of digital ON DEMAND learning. Learning that it eliminates wasteful time to travel to an event, loss income ($20K to 50K/day) and exposing themselves to unnecessary health risks as the pandemic uncertainty evolves. Welcome to Healthier Healthcare Galleries (HHG).

The HHG galleries, designed over the course of three years, with 100’s of rheumatologists’ input, was inspired from the Louvre in Paris. The HHG is unlike any other experience in the virtual world. The most important learning we obtained, having organized live meetings, hybrid meetings, and virtual meetings, is to stand out from the rest and not follow the playbook of replicating a live meeting in a virtual world. Simply put, we cannot "execute virtual events with the same agenda and formats as we did in-person".

At HHG, we make it easy for the attendees to join, participate, and interact. We make it easy for sponsors to test & learn and then integrate. We appreciate your ongoing support as we redefine HCP competence and confidence.

Unlike Any Place in the World

The HHG environment resides in the imaginary universe surrounded by the world’s greatest musuems. Providers can explore the outside environment of HHG while navigating the buildings and complex we call Galleries that house specialty-specific exhibits. The HHG gallery has been constructed with disease-specif ic Pavillions that host multi-sponsor content in disease-specific galleries. Each HCP can easily navigate their way through the mult-floor Galleries through customized Gateways that immedicately transport the user. HCP’s can explore themed masterpieces of content tailored to the innovators approved materials, whether it is media or links to approved URL destinations. At anytime, HCP’s can engage with Discovery Streams that are static micro-learning clips or scheduled Digital Broadcasts from LIVE SPEAKERS. Each sponsor can participate and schedule Live speakers in the AUDITORIUM, and private sponsored theatre or a secure boardroom or conference room that is packaged with your level of sponsorship.

The Human Experience in the Virtual World

Taking advantage of now capturing the almost 75% of practicing rheumatologists that NEVER ATTEND a meeting is what differentiates HHG. Learning can now become convenient and ubiquitous. With an abundence of rich resources literally at their fingertips, today's HCP learners are using HHG to find their own answers to clincial practice questions. This unprecedented shift in human behavior will radically transform the live meeting paradigm. In our multi-sponsor environment, working together, we can now use a "push-pull" approach that allows us to itterate through maximizing the test and learn approach.

The HHG formula creates the optimal environment for learning. To create this environment has taken us years of experimentation, a flexible mindset, an open attitude, and a willingness to adapt. Physicians who have already experienced our open and collaborative environment have encouraged their colleagues to seek, register, and regularly return because of the actionable knowledge.